Wednesday, February 14, 2007

OpenSuse 10.2 introduction

Well enabling 3D Graphics in Linux was never so easy........

All hats off to Novel.......

You first need to install your Graphics Card Drivers…

Click Yast

Click Installation Source

Click ADD

Select HTTP

Under SERVER NAME, place an entry:

Provided you have an Nvidia Graphics Card, as I am having 6200 Turbocache GT Nvidia

Under DIRECTORY ON SERVER, place an entry:


Or just place an entry

under the SERVER NAME.

When you add the above address and click next, a warning message about an unknown GPG key will come up. Click the checkbox next to Do Not Show This Message Again and click Yes. The next screen will ask if you'd like to import the aforementioned GPG key. Click Import.

Apply the changes & and exit Installation Source application

Under the Application YAST, click Software Management and search for:

Install these drivers and reboot the machine.

Go to Desktop Effects under control panel and enable 3D graphics…..

Bang you are done with the settings …Enjoy the highly optimized 3D revolution..


Well all MP3s can be played using Helix Banshee Audio Player. It’s installed by default.

Using YAST change the installation source to:

Using Yast and Soft Management search for the video player Xine and w32 codecs.

Install the video player xine and win32 codecs, using which you would be able to play all videos.

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