Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hide programs from appearing in Start Panel frequently used program list in Windows XP

If you want to prevent other users from seeing a program that you frequently use you have to prevent it from appearing in start panel's frequently used list. You can do this by this registry trick
type regedit
Exapand HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT folder. Search through folders until you find called Applications. Expand that. Now you can see list of execuatble files of programs. Find the executable file the program you need to hide uses. Expand the key. If program you are trying is an windows application builtin then it won't be listed there. Then you have to right click Application select new key and give the name the name of executable file.

Now right click the executable's folder. Select New>String. Type NoStartPage as the name of string variable. Close the registry editor.Log off , log in. You will never see program listed in frequent program list.

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